A Guide to Exploring Over 2,500 Acres of Parkland in The Colony

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our sprawling parks and trails. The City by the Lake boasts the second-most park space per capita in the Lone Star State. Take a closer look at the green spaces that contribute to more than 2,500  acres of parkland and nature preserve.

Lake Parks

The roughly 600 acres of Wildlife Management Areas along Lewisville Lake provide some of the most scenic views in The Colony. The city’s multiple lake parks offer sandy shorelines, winding nature trails and the perfect spot to launch a boat.

Stewart Creek Park, adjacent to Stewart Peninsula Golf Course, is the ideal spot for a day by the water. Picnic under the pavilion, swim along the shore or cast a line from the extended fishing pier. Just outside the park is access to The Colony Shoreline Trail, where hikers and cyclists are surrounded by Mother Nature.

Hidden Cove Park and Marina offers additional lake recreation along miles of shoreline with a full-service marina, ship store and restaurant. Explore one of North Texas’ largest lakes with your choice of watercraft from Sam’s Dock. Rent a kayak or paddleboard from DFW Surf to enjoy fresh air on the open water or a mountain bike to cycle the nearby trail.

Golf Clubs at The Tribute is home to two award-winning golf courses and the Tribute Shoreline Trail. Tee off on the water’s edge with views of rolling hills reminiscent of the best Scottish courses at The Tribute Golf Links. Old American Golf Club, designed by Tripp Davis and PGA Tour star Justin Leonard, is home to the Ascendant LPGA benefitting Volunteers of America. Both Golf Clubs at The Tribute preserve the area’s natural beauty while providing golfers with the best public courses in the state.

Community Parks

Over 20 parks in The Colony provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Natural areas, open green spaces and a multitude of amenities feel like an oasis inside the urban environment.

Here are just a few of the community parks that locals love.

Bill Allen Memorial Park is a favorite among disc golfers for the inclusion of a shady, tree-lined course and well-designed fairway. A trail winds throughout connecting the disc golf course to two playground areas, two basketball courts, a pavilion, amphitheater and pond inside the 48-acre park.

Scout Park offers a serene getaway for catch and release fishing and access to the Shoreline Trail. The large pond and picnic tables within the 13-acre park are located just beyond Lewisville Lake offering a fantastic view any time of day.

More than just another trailhead for The Shoreline Trail, Ridgepointe Park boasts 14 acres of green space to roam around with designated parking. The two playgrounds and spacious pavilion overlook the rippling water of Lewisville Lake.

Check out an interactive map to search by amenities or natural features to find the perfect park.

Greenbelts & Trails

Greenbelts serve as linear parks with trails across The Colony. The city’s greenbelts, developed around the natural landscape, incorporate creeks and lakeshores. With a 32-mile greenbelt system, The Colony preserves valuable open spaces and natural habitats while creating a suitable environment for walking, jogging and cycling with access to parks and shopping areas.

Both lake trails are composed of sustainable stamped concrete and decomposed granite surfaces that are easy on the earth and runners’ joints. The Colony Shoreline Trail spans 3.5 miles with open views of the waterfront and plenty of vibrant butterflies bustling through the wildflowers. Take a walk or jog along The Tribute Shoreline Trail and you may be lucky enough to see native critters roaming near the 3.11-mile route. Learn more about the native species living inside the adjacent wildlife habitat area through interpretive signage along the trails.

The most central trail surrounds the city’s premier athletic complex. The Colony Five Star Hike & Bike Trail is a 3.1-mile hard surface trail winding around the 80-acre sports facility and features five F.I.T. stations for the perfect outdoor workout. Simply scan QR codes along the trail with a smart phone to follow the interactive video workouts.

Nature Conservation & Native Species

While exploring The Colony, you’ll probably spot local wildlife native to the Blackland Prairie. Stretches of untouched prairie and freshwater wetlands create an abundance of ecological diversity the city intends to preserve.

The north-central region of Texas is home to several herbivorous mammals that graze on prairie grasses. Some of the most common herbivores in The Colony include the black-tailed jackrabbit, eastern cottontail and whitetail deer. There are also many species of carnivorous mammals. Bobcats, coyotes and grey foxes are typically visible while hunting prey in tall grasses. Bird watchers can scope out countless smaller species and birds of prey, ranging from the red-tailed hawk to the northern harrier raptor. Keep your eyes peeled for the locals’ favorite bird, Tina the Turkey, known to roam around town. In the wetlands, wildlife watchers may see American beavers, raccoons, Virginia opossums as well as a range of toads and turtles.

The City’s Keep The Colony Beautiful Board frequently sponsors guided nature walks led by a Texas Master Naturalist. These wildlife masters are well-versed in everything living inside the Blackland Prairie of North Texas.

The Colony is the perfect destination for outdoor excursions for all ages whether you’re looking to explore on land or water. Follow Visit The Colony on social media for more outdoor adventure ideas.

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